USA: Socialism Gone Wrong


In every country there is a hint of socialism. Without socialism we do not have roads, schools or even armies. Those items which are too complicated or expensive to purchase as individuals are the items funded by society for the good of all. There is no doubt that socialism is necessary. The arguments occur over where the line of too much socialism is drawn and crossed by the government. Continue reading

On This One Point Bernie Should Appeal To Republicans

american-flag-companies1Bernie Sanders is saying something in his campaign that I’ve been saying for years – Corporate Welfare needs to end.

The logic doesn’t follow that you can vote against giving individuals hundreds and then turn around a vote to give corporations BILLIONS. For every dollar spent on social welfare programs to benefit millions the US spends two dollars on corporation welfare to benefits thousands. Continue reading

Why I’m not a Democrat or a Republican

We the People

When I was younger and active duty in the US Navy it was self preservation that made me a Republican. Republicans love the military and like to spend money in that area. It meant good pay raises (relatively speaking) and a government that spoke in glowing terms about us. That was important after the way people felt about the military post Vietnam. Military spending sagged a little when Democrats were in charge, but really there was not much difference other than the rhetoric being thrown about Washington, D.C. The Democrats switched the focus from military spending to domestic programs. We liked being the stars. So Republicans it was. Continue reading