Claims without Evidence can be dismissed without Evidence

I’m trying really hard to be a team player and root for a successful Donald Trump presidency. For at least the next two years he has a clear road ahead of him with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Soon he will nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the court will have a conservative majority for some time to come. The only thing standing in the President-elect’s way is Donald Trump. Continue reading

Stein and Clinton can’t let go

It’s water under the bridge. It’s a Russell Wilson pass with seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX. It’s over. The simulations said there was an 85% chance Hillary Clinton would win. Life doesn’t pay attention to simulations. Would there be a different result if we reran the whole campaign? Who cares. It’s a fools argument and largely a waste of time to try to say that the results would have been different if only…if only nothing. It happened. If only is for those who didn’t give it their all the first time.  Continue reading

We’re all in hot water

The story goes something like this, to boil a live frog you do not throw it into a pot of boiling water, he’ll just jump out. To boil a frog you put it in a pot of temperate water and then slowly raise the temperature until the water comes to a boil. The perceived  danger is not noticed because the change comes gradually. This has been happening to us for over 100 years.

We’ve been sitting in the hot water for so long we’re comfortable here. Our hot water is the gradual loss of our economy and government to special interests. Our hot water is overt, then latent,  now overt again racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Our hot water is a feeling of entitlement without cause. There’s more. The bottom line is all this hot water is slowly killing us.

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This man is not a racist

The selection of Steve Bannon as President-elect’s Chief Strategist has a lot of people up in arms. The claims against him are that he racist and champions the alt-right agenda through his publication Breitbart News. The most damning evidence against his racism are headlines that he himself did not write. Guilt by association, yes, but still not a smoking racist gun.

Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist for President-elect Trump

The blowback against Bannon today concerns an interview with the President-elect last year on his Breitbart radio show when he and Donald Trump were mulling over the H1B visa. Trump basically agreed with the H1B’s premise of bringing talented foreigners into the US as long as it was done legally. In response Bannon stated, “Well. I got to be tougher…when two thirds or more of the CEOS in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or Asia…A country is more than an economy. We are a civic society.” (full context here)  Continue reading

Chamberlain, Trump, and Patton

Chamberlain – Trump – Patton

The one thing we know for certain about President-elect Trump is that he is a self-promoter. He won the election because he was able to reach (market to) half the voting nation. Post election the voices on the left keep chanting “Not my President” and “We won the popular vote”. The problem with this thinking is that it is denial of the truth. Trump won, or I should say, is going to win the Electoral College vote on December 19th. He will be our 45th President. To insist otherwise would tear this nation asunder.

Coming to grips with a Trump Presidency is no longer an option. Five times now the candidate that won the Electoral College vote did not win the popular vote (1824, 1876, 1888, 2000 and 2016). The precedent has been set. The peaceful transfer of power occurred on the other occasions and will again. It is a central convention of our political system. Continue reading

The Greatest Unifier Ever: Part Two

We should all remember that during the Republican Primaries President-elect Trump attempted to hold a rally in Chicago that was cancelled because there was an angry crowd outside the venue and police told Trump it wasn’t safe. After failing to say anything that would sooth fears, Trump said, “I’ll be the greatest unifier you’ve ever seen.” I wrote about this March 13th here.

Oh, he started off so well with an acceptance speech for the ages – if only it is followed by resonant actions. He sounded humble, sincere and like a real leader. It gave me a glimmer of hope that the man who ran such a nasty, vile campaign was going to pivot to being presidential, just as he promised he would. Then he went quiet for a day. Then he meet with President Obama and said all the right things in front of the cameras. Then his handlers lost control of his twitter account. His presidential pivot lasted less than 48 hours before the first hiccup.  Continue reading

Stranger Things

I started this article before the election and continue today.


trumpThe T.V. series was a bit weird, but enjoyable to watch. This election year is weird, but painful to watch. In spite of the weirdness and pain I needed to fulfill my obligation as a citizen, so I voted early. After months of deliberation I decided it was more important for me to look at the ballot for more than the race for U. S. President. That gaggle of goons got me gagging just giving it a gander. I gave serious thought of voting for Gary Johnson but in the end, I wrote in the candidate I was hoping would run from the beginning – General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC (retired). General Mattis refused to run because basically he is too ethical to deal with the likes of Washington, D.C (my words not his) and it’s a sad state when leaders are unwilling to seek the highest office in the land because having the title President of the United Sates would sully his reputation. Continue reading