Claims without Evidence can be dismissed without Evidence

I’m trying really hard to be a team player and root for a successful Donald Trump presidency. For at least the next two years he has a clear road ahead of him with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Soon he will nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the court will have a conservative majority for some time to come. The only thing standing in the President-elect’s way is Donald Trump. Continue reading

Stein and Clinton can’t let go

It’s water under the bridge. It’s a Russell Wilson pass with seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX. It’s over. The simulations said there was an 85% chance Hillary Clinton would win. Life doesn’t pay attention to simulations. Would there be a different result if we reran the whole campaign? Who cares. It’s a fools argument and largely a waste of time to try to say that the results would have been different if only…if only nothing. It happened. If only is for those who didn’t give it their all the first time.  Continue reading

Why I won’t wear a safety pin

First, it’ll put holes in my clothes and some of those t-shirts cost me as much as twenty dollars.

Second, do you know who likes and respects whining and complaining? Nobody, that’s who.

I am on the side of equality and fairness for everyone. I wish everyone could walk around and be who they want to be without harassment or fear. That’s just not how it is. And  though we should never stop striving for our version of utopia, no one else sees utopia quite the same way and they never will. That’s why there is competition between ideas. If you don’t like what is happening then try to change it through interaction and meaningful involvement, not whining and complaining symbolized by a safety pin. Continue reading