Seeking the truth online

The advent of the internet has led to the rise of a million stars who have not been vetted by the traditional media powers. Anyone with a computer or a video camera can upload content to their heart’s desire (yours truly being one of them). The talented or persistent stick around while the others dabble for a minute and disappear again into obscurity.

With so many opinions floating around, the truth has become harder to find amongst the background noice. The rules for finding truth are the same whether the media outlet comes from big money, a bargain basement budget, or no budget at all. Money doesn’t make the news correct. Truth makes the story. How do you tell the difference between a good story and a bad story? Continue reading

Babysitting the President

President-elect Trump has spent a bit of time meeting face to face with the media over the last few days. First he dressed down the TV heads off the record and then he met with the New York Times on the record.

I’m a part of the we-should-all-get-along and give-the-man-a-chance crowd, but I think we always have to keep a close eye on our government. Donald Trump’s attempts to strong arm the media should backfire on him. If anyone has the money to stand up to Trump and his litigious ways, it’s the TV networks. He’s picking fights with people and corporations worth $17 billion, $16 billion, $14 billion, and so on. The President-elect claims to be worth around $10 billion dollars. estimates it’s about ⅓ that. If he thinks he’s going to intimidate the media or spend them into settling, he must not be aware of the size of the other egos involved.

Credit: The Global Movement & New York Times 

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