Echo Chambers of Our Hearts

There is very little that I’ve written that is positive about the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. I’ve written nothing at all since he became president because there is enough in that echo chamber. I break my silence now to not to defend him but to hold a mirror to the failings of his critics, me among them.

We are all so quick to judge. The example from Japan this week was a photo of President Trump dumping his koi food out in an apparently impish manner. Given the formal nature of Japan, this is quickly sold to anyone who would read the comments beneath the photo as a slap in the face to Japanese culture.
Trump KoiIt is so easy for me to believe every negative thing I hear about Trump, well, because I have never liked him. Like a mindless fish hitting a lure without thinking much past its instincts, I took the bait. In this case what we weren’t shown in the photo was that seconds before Trump’s koi food dump, Japanese Prime Minister Abe dumped his food, leading the way to Trump aping Abe.

Unlike the fish I was able to recover from my initial instinct and take a step back to examine the facts. If you watch the video of the encounter you’ll see the whole truth. This non-incendent is one example of Trump actions that are much ado about nothing.

Reacting to non-incendents fatigues the mind for real issues, like the Russia investigation. If we can be sold outrage over the feeding of koi, what outrage are we being sold about Russia. It might be true, partially true, or totally made up. The way to the truth isn’t lazily listening to our own thoughts fed back to us in another voice.

Be careful what you are consuming in the media. It could be a lure meant to move you in a direction that is not in your best interest.

Stay tuned and stay involved.



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