The balancing act

There’s a game my family had when I was a child that consisted of a board controlled by two knobs that tilted to navigate a marble through a maze to the end. Along the way were many pitfalls that ended the game before reaching the goal safely. Some call it the Marble Labyrinth Game, but whatever you call it, it is a game of skill that requires micro-movements coordinated between the left and right hands.labyrinth-game

Our political environment isn’t much different. The left and right don’t have all the answers. Somewhere in the middle is the path to the goal – economically, socially, and politically.

If our political culture were translated to the Marble Labyrinth Game we’d be slamming back and forth violently from maze wall to maze wall continuously falling into pitfalls.

The lack of cooperation leads to slamming back and forth because there is not coordination between the left and the right. This constant back and forth motion has us guessing to what is coming next.

This didn’t start with the election of Donald Trump. He’s just the continuation of the game that’s been in play for decades. The route down the middle of the path is the right answer. A touch of right and a touch of left gets us to the end of the never ending maze.

Stay tuned and stay involved.


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