Fly-over America will bear the brunt of Trump Presidency

Donald Trump rode into Washington on the backs of fly-over America and the rust belt promising jobs and a better day ahead. As he is making his Cabinet picks it is clear the only thing that matters to Trump is business. There’s nothing wrong with business, but its fiduciary duty is to its investors, not workers or a nation.

Unless you are heavily invested in American business ventures, which most are not, what is coming during the Trump presidency isn’t going to make you happy. Good paying manufacturing jobs are not going to suddenly start flooding back into the country. Tariffs won’t force it and lower tax rates won’t do it in the near term.

America has two things to look forward to during Trump’s term; reciprocal tariffs from other nations, making American goods too expensive for mass export and more expensive foreign goods. Welcome to an age of hyperinflation without the benefit of the promised good paying jobs. When the economy goes south where will all the jobs be concentrated? Urban centers. That leaves rural fly-over America, the large swath of America that voted for Trump which is completely devoid of urban centers, to bear the brunt of what’s coming.

2016 States by vote and 50 largest urban centers

This is not what I’m hoping for. I love fly-over America. So much so that I prefer to drive coast to coast (at least 10 trips and counting). Stopping and absorbing towns like Bozeman, Montana; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Fargo, North Dakota; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Topeka, Kansas; and my birth place, Omaha, Nebraska always makes me feel a little closer to America.

Because they were largely forgotten during the prior administration, the candidate that paid attention to them got their vote. Who could blame them? What they failed see was that all his amorphous campaign promises would take the form of their ruination. He’s going to stiff them like a small contractor on one of his construction sites.

Many writers have been comparing the start of the Trump presidency to the start of Warren G. Harding’s presidency. Where did Harding leave us? The Great Depression and World War II. What happens when the economy doesn’t improve and an already touchy relationship with China deteriorates because Trump is a deal maker and not a statesman? It’s doesn’t end with Trump Tweet-shaming China into doing what he wants. It ends in armed conflict. Where will all the soldiers come from? Poor urban centers and fly-over America.

There will be jobs, but not the high paying manufacturing jobs promised. They’ll come with a draft notice, a high mortality rate, and low pay.

Where will Trump be? In Trump Tower NYC protected by the Secret Service in a space he rents them at tax payer expense, three times richer than when he entered office. Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned and stay involved.


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