5 reasons Trump may be good for America

The world waits with bated breath for the start of the Trump Presidency. If the transition period is any indication of the future then we’re in for some weird Presidential behavior over the next four years. So far President-elect Trump has shown the polish of a seasoned high school sophomore, but he does have some traits that may be good for America in the long run. 

He is not into details – It appears Donald Trump only cares about his vision and how he thinks people perceive him. The hows and whys aren’t his concern. Details live in a domain outside of Trump’s existence. As long as he gets credit if it goes well and he can blame someone else if it fails, all is good in his world.


He cares what you think – He’ll be in denial if / when his popularity drops (currently 47%). His reaction will be to play the blame game as in #1; say, “You’re fired”; and get someone else to do a better job.

He doesn’t know the rules and does care that he doesn’t know – He has already proven that he is completely clueless on procedures. Today it’s just phone call faux pas, sooner or later it will be serious. The nation thought emailing secrets was bad. Wait until they are tweeted for the whole world to see. This is the opportunity for Congress to assert itself which will lead to:

The Presidency could be weakened – The executive branch has certainly become more powerful that the other two branches of the government. With procedural problems to come, Congress and the Judiciary will be forced to stand up to the President. This should reestablish the balance of power between the three branches of government as the two other branches battle completely asinine ideas that are sure come from the executive branch.

States will be stronger – No need for Texit, Calexit, New Mexit, or Massexit under a Trump presidency. He wants stronger states. He says many Supreme Court decisions should be turned back to the states. The Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution) basically states otherwise. I doubt Trump is aware or cares, he is in favor of the Nullification theory of law, which argues the states have the right to nullify any federal law it finds unconstitutional. The nullification theory has never been upheld in the courts. Is now the time for it to succeed for our benefit?

Bonus Reason – One way or an other he will unify America – There is no middle of the road with Donald Trump. The choice of a Trump Presidency are binary: wildly successful or a complete failure. We will all support the former or band together to fight the later, either way we will be united.

There will be victories and set backs for America during the Trump Presidency. The silver lining should always be sought. It would be a waste to throw it out just because it was delivered in a storm cloud.

Stay tuned and stay involved.


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