Carrier deal, good for a few, bad for the rest

For the 1,000 or so workers that keep their jobs the Carrier deal is a good thing and that’s something to be thankful for.  Keeping a manufacturing base within the US is also a matter of national defense. Our ability to shift rapidly manufacturing into war time mode was responsible for winning two World Wars. Bravo.

That being said, the way this deal was made isn’t good for America.

trump-at-carrier-1Special deals for political victories was a large contributor to the economic mess we are in. More crony capitalism doesn’t make for a better America. When everyone expects a deal because the other guy got a deal, influence peddling remains the norm and only those with government lobbyist benefit. The norm should be the norm not special deals.

The one thing President-elect Trump has right is that the climate for business in America needs to change. The Carrier deal reinforced the status quo. If the tax rate needs to be lowered to spur business it needs to happen across the board, not one company at time.

It has been proven time and time again that smaller to medium companies, those in growth phases, are the ones who create the most jobs. Focusing on large established businesses will get us more of the same. We need to invest in growth and innovation. Stagnate gets us no where.

The businessman who benefitted from crony capitalism went to Washington to “Drain the Swamp”. The Carrier deal reinforcing the status quo. The game remains the same. Only two things have changed; the names of the players reported on the evening news and the which 50% of the nation is hopeful.


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