Claims without Evidence can be dismissed without Evidence

I’m trying really hard to be a team player and root for a successful Donald Trump presidency. For at least the next two years he has a clear road ahead of him with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Soon he will nominate a Supreme Court Justice and the court will have a conservative majority for some time to come. The only thing standing in the President-elect’s way is Donald Trump.

He has to make the pivot from candidate Trump to President Trump. Bold face lies about imagined election fraud in a campaign he won is unimaginable. Where’s the evidence?

Take the victory and run. Forget that Stein and Clinton are stirring the pot, it won’t matter in the end and will only make a little noise for a few weeks. He has to become Teflon Don, because if he doesn’t the media and his detractors will have him dancing to their pokes and prods all day, every day. He has no time for that, he has a country to fix.

At a minimum he needs a Twitter team whose sole job is tend his phone and computer. When he decides to tweet something they can try to make it sane and presidential. His tweets would go from:screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-10-40-36-pmto:

“I’m happy the Electoral College is in place. I’m going to do everything in my power to earn the popular vote in 2020.”


“I didn’t win in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California but I’m going to win them over by 2020.”

Narcissism fuels these tweets. He can’t comprehend that not everyone likes him. The people who don’t like him must have been lied to. Sorry, there’s no bias, serious or otherwise. Was there serious bias in the states he won? Did all the fraudulent votes only go to Hillary Clinton? Where is the proof? Stop wasting our time.

Now Donald Trump is the show. There’s no deflecting what is going on in the country to blame Obama or Clinton, though I’m sure we’ll hear him lay all his failings at their feet or anyone else he can possibly think to throw under the bus. One things for certain, he’ll never place a “The buck stops here” sign here on his desk.

President Truman in the Oval Office

He’s promised to make America great again.  He’d better come through quickly; the honeymoon won’t last forever. If he tweets all these lies and everything gets better, he’ll be forgiven. If nothing improves or it gets worse, all these lies will be used against him and his “soaring” popularity of 46% will crash to Congressional levels (11%).

Lying hasn’t caught up to him yet, but it will. Washington’s procedures are a mystery to him and he won’t bother to learn. Those Republicans friending him now all want to be close to the fire as it burns brightly. Eventually a faux pas will get him in trouble and the fire they once loved will burn the House down. The people who forgot will suddenly remember with great clarity that he called them all idiots during the primaries. They’ll remember disparaging remarks about their families. That will be the end to Donald Trump’s short political career.


It’s the exact opposite. The Donald is a great magician using his slight of tweet to make us look one way while he pulls a billion dollars out of our pockets. A person with his classically narcissistic personalty does nothing for altruism. Any one who believes a Trump Presidency is about anything other than Donald Trump had better wake up. He needs to be watched at all times.

He’s a either a ill-tempered ignorant liar or a manipulative evil genius. Either way we lose.

Stay tuned and stay involved.

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