Stein and Clinton can’t let go

It’s water under the bridge. It’s a Russell Wilson pass with seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX. It’s over. The simulations said there was an 85% chance Hillary Clinton would win. Life doesn’t pay attention to simulations. Would there be a different result if we reran the whole campaign? Who cares. It’s a fools argument and largely a waste of time to try to say that the results would have been different if only…if only nothing. It happened. If only is for those who didn’t give it their all the first time. 

vote-button_fotorEveryone thought that Donald Trump would be the one causing trouble right now. Instead he’s doing his job getting ready to be POTUS. People in the media gave him little chance of winning and thought him arrogant for not saying he would accept the results if he didn’t win. That question was loaded for him to state that he was going to lose. He answered the same way every time, “We’ll have to wait and see.” Obviously the victor isn’t going to challenge the results, though a year from now he may wish the results were different. We’ll see.

When Bush and Gore finished in a dead heat in 2000, the recount of Florida kept the nation gasping for several weeks before the count was finalized. It nearly killed Al Gore to admit defeat, but he did and the transfer of power happened peacefully as it had the forty-two previous times.

This time Stein and Clinton are looking to have three states recounted. For what purpose? If one state is overturned, Trump still wins. If two states are overturned, Trump still wins. If all three states are overturned, we’ll have much bigger problems. Our whole election process will be suspect. Nobody wins by doing this recount.

If Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein really have America’s interest at heart they’ll stop this nonsense. If by some miracle all three states are overturned, Clinton is named president, and we avoid a civil war; she will not be an effective president. She’d be a lame duck on Inauguration Day playing against a stacked Republican Congress. She would be constantly hounded by Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. I’m sure the Republicans would have her impeached before the end of two years.

The way it stands now, like it or not, is the best path forward for America. She went from front runner to forgotten in a matter of weeks. There is no future for Hillary Clinton in our politics. She is the past. Accept that the voters have spoken and that the Electoral College will follow suit. Ride off into the sunset with Number 42 and enjoy knowing that you played a part in American history.

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