Babysitting the President

President-elect Trump has spent a bit of time meeting face to face with the media over the last few days. First he dressed down the TV heads off the record and then he met with the New York Times on the record.

I’m a part of the we-should-all-get-along and give-the-man-a-chance crowd, but I think we always have to keep a close eye on our government. Donald Trump’s attempts to strong arm the media should backfire on him. If anyone has the money to stand up to Trump and his litigious ways, it’s the TV networks. He’s picking fights with people and corporations worth $17 billion, $16 billion, $14 billion, and so on. The President-elect claims to be worth around $10 billion dollars. estimates it’s about ⅓ that. If he thinks he’s going to intimidate the media or spend them into settling, he must not be aware of the size of the other egos involved.

Credit: The Global Movement & New York Times 

From his statements during the campaign he believes he’ll be able to change liable laws to sue the media into submission. Wrong again. With a Nostradamus like prediction, the founder fathers saw Donald Trump coming 225 years ago. Maybe he has the political chops to get ⅔ of the states to overturn the First Amendment. I’ve doubted him before and been wrong.

What we’ll see over the next four years is President Trump saying things like he said during the campaign and the media parroting it out to us. The President won’t like the sound of his own words and blame the media for how stupid they make him look; all while crying about it being so unfair. I mean really unfair. So unfair I hear starving children around the world are saying it’s unfair.

To understand just how much our next Commander-in-Chief sometimes sounds like a whiny teenager, do the following. If you happen to have a teenager handy in your house breath in their presence or some equally disturbing activity. Whatever you do, get them to say stop it a few times. Then have them read this quote from our silver-spoon-billionaire President-elect:

“I’ve been treated extremely unfairly”

This wasn’t in response to a question. It was the third sentence out of his mouth in his opening statement. There’s nothing more pressing on his mind than how the media is treating him so unfairly. This wasn’t even the first time he’s said it. He says it all the time. I wrote about his whining in April. Certain his whining would eventually get to the rest of Americans as it got to me, I dismissed Trump as a serious candidate. Man, was I wrong.  Apparently Americans eat this shit it up. Now instead of ignoring him like I did before, I’m writing about him almost nonstop.

Our people and our election system got Donald J. Trump into the White House. The media is partially to blame because of how they let Donald Trump manipulate them into covering him ad nauseam. The media needn’t cozy up with the President, quite the opposite. Treat him with respect – of course. The office of the President is worthy of respect. Pander to him – no. A free press has had and will always have a large roll in what keeps internal tyranny from our door step. They haven’t always been the unbiased, fact spewing fountains of information we need them to be, but amongst all their opinion shows there are facts. These facts, and even some of the opinions, help keep us as free as we are.

While most Americans check out until the next election, we leave the full-time babysitting of the President and our government in the hands of the media. Don’t let us down.

Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’re traveling, travel safe.

Stay tuned and stay involved.

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