We’re all in hot water

The story goes something like this, to boil a live frog you do not throw it into a pot of boiling water, he’ll just jump out. To boil a frog you put it in a pot of temperate water and then slowly raise the temperature until the water comes to a boil. The perceived  danger is not noticed because the change comes gradually. This has been happening to us for over 100 years.

We’ve been sitting in the hot water for so long we’re comfortable here. Our hot water is the gradual loss of our economy and government to special interests. Our hot water is overt, then latent,  now overt again racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Our hot water is a feeling of entitlement without cause. There’s more. The bottom line is all this hot water is slowly killing us.

The election of Donald Trump has ripped us out of the hot water. From our uncertain predicament we have exposed much of what is wrong with our nation. The people scream, ‘Hey, that is where we were just sitting comfortably’. Confusion arises from not knowing where we will land. Maybe we’ll land right where we started with no real changes. Maybe we’ll land in a hotter pot of water. Maybe we’ll land free of all the hot water. We can hope can’t we?


Like the proverbial frog, we’ve always had the ability to get out of the boiling pot without the help of an election. That’s a fundamental flaw in the thinking on both sides. The last eight years weren’t Obama’s America. The next four years aren’t Trump’s America. This has always been our America. We just keep giving our lives over to the government and then blame them for our divisiveness.

Donald Trump will not be present when you interact with people socially. Mike Pence will not dictate how you treat people. These actions are our own. Sure, there are economic policies the government can enact that will effect our lives in large and small ways, but it’s still up to us to make this country what it is. It is our voices that are heard each time someone does something stupid in the name of liberalism/conservatism. The choice to comport ourselves with class and respect for our fellow Americans comes from within.

As we move from our pot of hot water to whatever comes next here are a few rules I think we should all abide by.

  1. Get to know people individually before you decide to hate them
  2. If you don’t have the right to engrave your name on it, don’t mess with it
  3. If you don’t like it, don’t do it
  4. If you do like it, stop insisting everyone else like it too
  5. Grow a thicker skin
  6. You morons need to stop with all the name calling
  7. Be polite, be professional
  8. Don’t be so damn serious all time. Laugh every once in a while
  9. If you want a better America, leave your hate in the mirror

Stay tuned and stay involved



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