Time to decide

Are the far left and far right necessary elements in our political discourse? Yes, and I’d have to add that they are healthy parts of a vibrant society. The best ideas almost always come from a diverse group when we take the time to listen. Our country is spewing ideas like a volcano and nobody listens. Our political situation is like a marriage that started out good and ended badly. The problem lies not in differing ideologies, but in the way we’ve learned to fight.

Our political parties, and by extension the citizens who pick up the banner of those parties, have learned to be vile towards each other without regard to the idea expressed, it only requires that the other side said it. Don’t let facts get in the way of your argument. Derogatory terms like ‘libtard’ or ‘bigot’ are thrown around without much thought or care.

From the New Yorker

Residing in center of all of this mud slinging can be a bit messy. I hear a lot of bad ideas and I find both sides equally offensive at times. The payoff is when I find a point of view that I’ve never considered and it changes how I see a situation. Read more than one book or website. Watch more than one news station. I scoff equally at Rachael Maddow and Bill O’Reilly. On the other hand, I find they both have something to say that’s worth listening to from time to time.

Both sides put out a ton of a material. It used to be the news was condensed and reported daily in the newspapers. Opinions were for the the opinion page.  Television news was broadcast for a few hours every evening at a loss. It was televisions way of giving back to the community. Now we have news online that is updated secondly and for profit TV news stations that pump opinions at us 24/7 because there isn’t enough material to fill the time with facts. Solid data and facts can be found; but it’s like panning for gold.


Take some time to decide. Don’t be so quick to bite the bait the media throws your way. In ten minutes they’ll move on to another story that’s meant to infuriate you without giving the previous story a second thought. You can find better food for your mind if you take the time to look for it.

Stay tuned and stay involved.

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