Why I won’t wear a safety pin

First, it’ll put holes in my clothes and some of those t-shirts cost me as much as twenty dollars.

Second, do you know who likes and respects whining and complaining? Nobody, that’s who.

I am on the side of equality and fairness for everyone. I wish everyone could walk around and be who they want to be without harassment or fear. That’s just not how it is. And  though we should never stop striving for our version of utopia, no one else sees utopia quite the same way and they never will. That’s why there is competition between ideas. If you don’t like what is happening then try to change it through interaction and meaningful involvement, not whining and complaining symbolized by a safety pin.

If you want absolute safety stay home curled up under a blanket and pretend the world around you doesn’t exist. Better not turn on the TV or read anything that might expand your view of the world, because you’re going to run across ideas you don’t like. Once you step out your front door you and your ideas are competing with everyone else’s. Better be prepared to meet some resistance, even if that resistance seems unfair.

It’s not as bad as it used to be. Years ago, before civilization, survival literal meant you had to fight to keep from being eaten by animals big enough or hungry enough to make you dinner. Once you survived that gauntlet, you had to deal with people who would kill you just because you weren’t a part of their clan or family. It has improved since then. At least now our chance of being eaten has been greatly reduced.

Just a few generations ago we killed over 60 million people in six years (1939 – 1945), a whopping  ten million people per year or three percent of the total population. In 2012, the latest year with data, we killed each other at a rate of less than one million per year (wars and murders) or a rate of 0.00000137 percent. See, we’re getting better with room for improvement.

So now that we’ve dispelling the idea that people are routinely murdered for who they are, what is there to be afraid of? Getting your feelings hurt? Getting disappointed? Well, here’s a little secret,  you’re feelings are going to get hurt and you’re going to be disappointed – frequently. Those you run to for support are going to do the majority of it. They are even more likely to be your murderer (55 percent chance). Your safe place is statistically where your murderer lives! How’s that for scary?

The idea behind the safe place doesn’t work long term. The safe place actually weakens your position. Sure, people may need to take a second to gather strength before getting back in the fight, but staying in the safe place permanently is where bad ideas go to die. If your ideas are ridiculed by the public, maybe it’s because they are shitty ideas. If they’re good ideas, such as equality, then they will stand up in the public market place of ideas and the test of time. There’s no need to hide.

Wear a safety pin if you want, but I won’t do it. I have more respect for you than to assume you are weak and afraid.



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