Stranger Things

I started this article before the election and continue today.


trumpThe T.V. series was a bit weird, but enjoyable to watch. This election year is weird, but painful to watch. In spite of the weirdness and pain I needed to fulfill my obligation as a citizen, so I voted early. After months of deliberation I decided it was more important for me to look at the ballot for more than the race for U. S. President. That gaggle of goons got me gagging just giving it a gander. I gave serious thought of voting for Gary Johnson but in the end, I wrote in the candidate I was hoping would run from the beginning – General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC (retired). General Mattis refused to run because basically he is too ethical to deal with the likes of Washington, D.C (my words not his) and it’s a sad state when leaders are unwilling to seek the highest office in the land because having the title President of the United Sates would sully his reputation.

California, where I live, is a foregone conclusion. Hillary Clinton doesn’t visit here and neither does Donald Trump. California is going to go to Hillary. So my vote for U.S. President for all practical purposed doesn’t really matter, unless I am willing to lower my standards and vote for Hillary, which I am not. The only reason it matters is that whatever happens next, I can say to myself, I didn’t vote for (insert winner’s name here).

Reality dictates whoever wins the election will be my President, just like every President I did or didn’t vote for since I was eighteen years old. Checks and balances designed in the Constitution grant equal power the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches to keep  any one brach of the government from running the train off the rails.


It’s been two days since we found out Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President of these United States. There is rejoicing and there is sadness, though I would say the sadness is more of a fear driven depression. I’m a white male, so supposedly I should be OK with this result, you know, woohoo I’m back in vogue, but it doesn’t feel that way. I guess it’s because I am empathic for those who fear this Presidency.

The first forty-eight hours after Trump’s election have not looked good and none of it because of anything Trump has said or done – post election. Seven large cities across America have had largely peaceful protests, with a few acts of stupidity thrown in. If your going to protest in order to make yourself heard you can’t go around burning garbage cans and Trump in effigy. It doesn’t bring people to your side. The only thing it accomplishes is to make you feel better and anger people who view the world differently than you. It also emboldens our enemies. They see a house divided and an opportunity to attack.

I’m not saying don’t protest, for that is our right as Americans. I’m saying, “do no harm”. Don’t rip out mailboxes. Don’t tip over garbage cans and light them on fire. Don’t even step on someone’s lawn. You want respect, show respect. I know that’s a hard thing to do in the face of hatred, but haters are a small portion of the population. More people are on your side until you stop respecting others; because you’re being disrespected. It’s a never ending cycle until you stop it. If you are waiting for the other person to change, might I suggest not holding your breath.

For Trump supporters, and I have many friends that fall into that category, there isn’t anything to gloat about. You just voted in one of the most divisive people in existence today. America isn’t better for this. OUR COUNTRYMEN ARE IN FEAR OF HIM. This is not a good thing. Fear creates unpredictability. People will do almost anything when placed in a fight or flight situation to survive. It’s not funny and these people’s fears are not unfounded.

If you are unaware, many physical and verbal attacks have happened since the election by bigoted individuals because they are emboldened by a Trump victory. For those non-bigoted Trump supporters, you need to help the rest of America place the bigot genie back in the bottle. Electing Trump was not an invitation for bigoted assholes to come out of the closest and run amok. This needs to stop A.S.A.P. If you voted for Trump and don’t do anything to shut down bigoted attacks, then you need to look in the mirror and repeat, “I am a bigot”.

So not to paint all Trump supporters as bigots, I would guess that most of Trump supporters voted against Hillary more than the voted for Trump. I get that. If a Democrat can look me straight in the eye and try to convenience me that Hillary wasn’t a deeply flawed candidate, I promise I’ll try not to laugh in your face. She lost for two reasons. Democrats didn’t get out the vote and she has a sketchy track record. Even if you only belief 10 percent, no 5 percent, of what was said negatively about her, it’s still pretty bad.

A less scandalous candidate would have easily carried the day. But that is what-if thinking and we have to live in this reality – Donald Trump is going to be the 45th President. Don’t like it. Tough, it’s still happening. I think his opinions have been all over the board politically over his lifetime, which suggests he is malleable . I think he just rode the Hillary hating crowd to victory, which, by the way, was his only path. He rode that broncing buck like the biggest buckle wearing cowboy in Texas. So congratulations on reading the nation well.

Some think we failed on November 8th, others think we succeeded. Either way we can’t just sit idly by until January 2021. President-elect Trump has asked for all American’s help. In the words of a beloved President, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country”. Keep involved. Volunteer with political organizations you identify with, especially the Libertarian and Green Parties that seem to wake up like cicadas every four years.

Want peace and harmony in our land. Insist on it and be the example. Reach out and understand the fears of just one person that’s not you. Explain your fears to them – if they ask. Be the bigger person at all times. It’s hard. I know. I fail at it every single day. We’re programmed to make prejudiced decisions. It’s a survival instinct leftover from our caveman days. The issue is when it comes to the vast majority of other humans, they do not threaten your survival, you just think they do.

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