Where Have All The Good Politicians Gone?

trump clintonAs the seemingly inevitable match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is staring us straight in the face, there is only one question that comes to my mind. What’s wrong with us that the only people we can get to represent either of the major political parties are candidates most voters don’t like? Disapproval ratings for both candidates is north of fifty percent. Hillary Clinton’s latest disapproval rating is 55.6% and Donald Trump’s is 63.7%.

Talk about the lesser of two evils. We are fooled into thinking there’s a mandate for both of these candidates because we are not given any other viable choices. The media covers the front runners of the Democratic and Republican parties, that’s it. By all appearances we love these candidates when nothing could be farther from the truth.

American voters identify as independent in numbers larger than ever before. We’re not buying what they’re selling wholesale any longer. We pick and choose from each side the candidates that most match our values and political desires. As more people vacate the two major parties for the middle it leaves the far left and far right voices in charge.

Does the middle need to fly its own banner or are we to blame for abandoning our parties and leaving the nuts in charge of the asylum? If you look at the choices we have given ourselves, we should choose to start a third party. The numbers are there, it lacks organization.

The other question has to be why are only the worst of our society running for the highest office in the land? Why has our political system been taken over by people lacking morals? At every turn special interests and indoctrinated party members spoil even the best who care to try to make a difference. The bright-eyed freshman Congressman or Senator with the grandest ideals of service to the people are quickly assimilated to the corrupt ways of our government or sickened by it and leave. You don’t stick around Washington D.C. for any length of time unless your willing to play the game the way it’s set up. You don’t change Washington, Washington changes you.

Leaders like Secretary of State (General) Colin Powell and General John Mattis refuse to  cast their lots in with Washington. Powell gave it chance and quickly departed. Mattis won’t even consider a run for office. Having dealt with the Washington elite directly, they know what would be required of them. Men and women of high moral character and conscience know they can’t change the system so they excuse themselves from the arena not wanting to sully their souls.

What can we do about it? Term limits aren’t the answer. Corruption actually increases in states that have introduced term limits. We need to pay attention to those that are doing the best for the citizens of the country and re-elect them. Those that are self serving and purchased by special interests should be voted out. Voter apathy is the greatest weapon politicians and special interests use against us. When we only pay attention every four years when it’s time to select a new president they win.

It sounds easy – Vote. The trick is to be an educated voter. Know who is serving who. Our habit is to check out between elections because the business of politics is tedious and boring. The system is made cumbersome and confusing by design. If you’re not actively involved it’s harder to follow and voter apathy is ensured.  Unless a member of congress is caught doing something to put their name in the news in a negative light, they can do whatever they want between elections, like screw the tax payers out of billions for the sake of a lobbyist that has them in their pocket. To prevent the looting of America we have to pay attention.

Once we pay attention we’ll attract those of higher moral values and even if they don’t have higher moral values they’ll know that if they step out of line they’ll get kicked of the island.

We have to care first, then the people who represent us will care. It’s never going to happen the other way around. Until then we are getting what our apathy deserves.


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