Hillary Comedy Show Dies On Stage

Hillary joke“Dying is easy, Comedy is hard” is an oft repeated quote whose origin is debated. More recently debated in the media is the “joke” unleashed by democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York Major Bill de Blasio. The reference was to C. P. Time a.k.a. Colored People Time and then they did the bait and switch with the punchline by saying in meant Cautious Politician Time. 

This line in the hands of a skilled comedian might be funny depending on the delivery. In the hands of professional politicians they might as well run down the streets screaming the N-word at the top of their lungs. Even if the joke received nervous laughter it’s just not funny coming from a politician.

Hillary Clinton is trying to show us that she’s human and can relate to voters. This is not the way. She should practice sincerity not comedy. A bad racial joke does not endear her to people. It only proves the point she’s trying to dispel.

The Clinton / de Blasio joke was scripted. The fact that they could have and should have pulled the plug on before it even happened shows the kind of judgement and insensitivity she has towards the very people who form the base of her supporters.

The words of a politician carry weight that a comedian’s words don’t. If a comedian says we should nuke North Korean the room may laugh and forget it was even said by the end of the next joke. If a politician says it, especially a candidate for President of the United States. It affects people’s lives profoundly.

We have expectations of our politicians. A sense of humor isn’t one of them. Nobody talked about what funny guys George Washington or Abraham Lincoln were. I’m sure they had their moments but that is not what is required of their position. The only time we want to hear that politicians are funny is when someone in their family is asked by Anderson Cooper, “What’s the one thing the public doesn’t realize about her?” to which the family member replies, “She has the greatest sense of humor.”

One spontaneous woohoo was enough to scuttle Howard Dean’s run for the White House in 2004. Shouldn’t a scripted racial joke about Hillary Clinton’s largest block of supporters do the trick in 2016. If the emails and everything else doesn’t show that she’s not fit to lead, this complete lack of judgement should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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