Cruz Polishing His Game in WI?

cruzkellyIt would appear from watching the town hall meeting moderated by Megyn Kelly in Madison the night before the Wisconsin primary that Ted Cruz’s notorious rigid stances are beginning to have smoother edges. Scary evangelical Cruz was replaced by a more accepting, slightly warmer Cruz.

Topics that usually bring out the demonizing of the opposition from his evangelical base, Cruz didn’t move off his stances, but did take a tone that wasn’t damning to those who opposed them.

On abortion he flatly stated he was pro-life and that Roe v Wade was a decision where the SCOTUS over stepped. He capitulated a little when he said it was up to states and the voters to decide what was right for them. Which is a more accommodating stance on the topic than previously noted. Bravo for attempting to move, if even just an millimeter, towards the center.

On wearing his religion on his sleeve and the separation of church and state he addressed the religious as well as the non-religious, mentioning atheists with a tone nearing inclusion. It was was his live and let live moment. He showed that even though he is the “evangelical candidate” that he hasn’t forgotten there are other people in the US too.

The last moment that showed some smoothing of his rough edges was his admitting that he would handle himself differently than he did as the lead obstructionist in the Senate during his short tenure. The lesson from his time in the Senate is that he should build more consensus before acting. He alluded that the country has suffered from enough divisiveness.

Other than an economy stuck in slow gear, the biggest issue facing this nation is a lack of unity and understanding towards those of opposing ideologies. His tone was accepting instead of preachy. When Ted Cruz spoke tonight it was almost believable that he truly wants us to unite as a country, that the will of the people is what matters.

Then again, he is a politician.

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