Trump: Winner or Whiner?

Donald Trump trumpets every chance he gets that he is a winner. I don’t know who he’s trying to convince more, the voters or himself. If money is the judge of a winner, then yes Donald Trump is winning, but remember, so is Charlie Sheen. Winners don’t need to tell you they’re winning. Everyone can see it for  themselves. Nothing Trump says is in the verbiage or tone of a winner. Winners speak confidently about ideas backed up with specific plans and goals. He lashes out at people, both individuals and groups, with generalities and catch phrases like, “trust me”, “I’ll make a better deal”, and “believe me”. None of those phrases do I trust or believe.

He has no plans, he has no substance, and though he had the momentum early in the primaries, his empty jargon is wearing thin with general voters, especially women. The only thing the voters really like about him is that he’s an outsider, which is just the beginning of what the establishment Republicans don’t like about him.

The questions of the moment in the Trump campaign are why am I not being treated fairly? And why is John Kasich still in the race? Winners ask winning questions. Those are the questions of a victim mentality. If you haven’t figured why Kasich is still in the race, you’re not smart enough to run the country. The Republican party doesn’t want you to be the head of their ticket. Duh. You are not one of them. Never have been. Never will be. Ted Cruz is not one of them either. Ergo, John Kasich. Get it. Open convention. Anyone but Trump. The GOP is telling exactly why John Kasich is in the race, yet you still ask. Don’t cry about it. If you’re capable, go out and earn the trust of the American voters and it won’t matter.

Is it fair? Well if there’s no majority in the party that supports a candidate is it fair to have the party represented by someone who didn’t muster 50% of the vote? Laws don’t get passed without a majority, why should candidates? You not being the winner you claim to be is disastrous for the Republican Party, but they have to have someone on the ticket. That’s why there is a convention for the party to come to a majority decision. As sad as it may be, if the voters can’t make a decision it’s up to the party to decide. Those are the rules and the party makes the rules to keep unqualified, unpopular persons such as yourself from ascending to power.

The other reason John Kasich is in the race is he has the backing to continue running and this is a free country. If it ruins your plan, tough. Be a better candidate. I think it’s a crock that someone with no experience whatsoever in politics can run for the office of President of the United States. If there’s someone we should be asking why they are in the race I’d start with Donald Trump. He’s proven to be an embarrassment and downright ignorant when discussing specifics, especially NATO and nuclear proliferation. Really? Is this the guy we want in control of our nuclear arsenal? He’ll nuke someone and then apologize because he thought he was only sending a tweet. Whoops, too late.  We’re all dead.

Now he’s saying that he’s not sure if he’ll support the Republican nominee if it’s not him. “It depends on how I’m treated.” Those are the words of a loser. A winner would go out and win, but you won’t. Your brand of winning involves Twitter wars with anyone who doesn’t agree with you or looks different than you. That’s how the kids in junior high school act. The only thing Donald Trump has proven that he’s a whiner with no plans other than to cry if things don’t go his way.

I can’t wait until you’re back to being the “You’re fired” guy on the TV show I’ve never watched. Then I can go back to ignoring you like I did before.

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