USA: Socialism Gone Wrong


In every country there is a hint of socialism. Without socialism we do not have roads, schools or even armies. Those items which are too complicated or expensive to purchase as individuals are the items funded by society for the good of all. There is no doubt that socialism is necessary. The arguments occur over where the line of too much socialism is drawn and crossed by the government. Continue reading

Where Have All The Good Politicians Gone?

trump clintonAs the seemingly inevitable match up between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is staring us straight in the face, there is only one question that comes to my mind. What’s wrong with us that the only people we can get to represent either of the major political parties are candidates most voters don’t like? Disapproval ratings for both candidates is north of fifty percent. Hillary Clinton’s latest disapproval rating is 55.6% and Donald Trump’s is 63.7%. Continue reading

Hillary Comedy Show Dies On Stage

Hillary joke“Dying is easy, Comedy is hard” is an oft repeated quote whose origin is debated. More recently debated in the media is the “joke” unleashed by democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York Major Bill de Blasio. The reference was to C. P. Time a.k.a. Colored People Time and then they did the bait and switch with the punchline by saying in meant Cautious Politician Time.  Continue reading

Weighted Pros and Cons for Chargers Stadium

sdsu-5It is really hard for me to leave this proposal for a new Chargers stadium alone. A good tool for making a difficult decision easier is to make a weighted list of pros and cons. Each pro or con receives a value of 1-5 depending on how important it is in your eyes. The Chargers new stadium presents San Diego with a variety of reasons to build or not to build. I’ve performed my own version with reasons why I’ve weighted each item as I did. Continue reading

The LGBT Bathroom Compromise

restroomsI’m all for letting people live their lives. If you have feelings for the same sex or don’t identify with the genitalia you were given at birth, you shouldn’t suffer discrimination. I’m well aware that it still happens but in the eyes of the law we’re all equal. Our laws have stated for decades that people can not be discriminated against for sex, race, national origin, religion, age, disabilities, or sexual orientation. Recently the SCOTUS made it legal for same sex couples to marry in all fifty states. Federal laws are swinging towards equality of the LGBT community. We can change the laws with the stroke of a pen. People’s hearts and minds take a little longer. Continue reading

Trump: Winner or Whiner?

Donald Trump trumpets every chance he gets that he is a winner. I don’t know who he’s trying to convince more, the voters or himself. If money is the judge of a winner, then yes Donald Trump is winning, but remember, so is Charlie Sheen. Winners don’t need to tell you they’re winning. Everyone can see it for  themselves. Nothing Trump says is in the verbiage or tone of a winner. Winners speak confidently about ideas backed up with specific plans and goals. He lashes out at people, both individuals and groups, with generalities and catch phrases like, “trust me”, “I’ll make a better deal”, and “believe me”. None of those phrases do I trust or believe. Continue reading