How To Train Your Congress

fingers in earsOur country failed over the last eight years largely because the partisan politics played in Washington D.C. completely lacked compromise. The ‘my way or the highway’ mentality that’s dominated Congress and the White House has stuck our country in neutral, politically and economically. When the Republicans won the majority in the House and Senate they must have figured they had a mandate to stop the President at all costs.

The Republicans were elected to stop the government from careening out into left field not grind the government to a complete halt. Congress acted like children with fingers in their ears screaming at the top of the lungs at the President, “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!” Instead their ‘mandate’ turned the government into a President Obama executive order fest and to a large extent is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump.

Thankfully this period in out history is almost over. The best thing we can do as Americans is have a short memory and forget the asinine tactics of both the Democrats under Bush and the Republicans under Obama. A Congress without the ability to compromise does not make decisions. Hopefully partisan decisions made in the future will last the test of time not just until the next election cycle when the other party takes control.

Could you imagine if the founding fathers drafted a piece of crap document like we get all the time these days? A thousand pages with nothing but special interest pork in it that nobody read because, hey, who has the time. The founding fathers fought as bad as Democrats and Republicans do today. The difference is eventually they compromised and created one of the best documents ever written, period. AND it’s only 4,543 words long. If only we wrote masterpieces like that today.

Regardless of party, our Congress has to learn to make good compromises. Stonewalling each other does nothing to improve the country and if you are not in Congress to improve the country then you need to go. The electorate needs to get involved in the education of politicians. When they pull shenanigans that aren’t in the best interest of the citizens, write them constructive letters letting them know how you feel or just vote them out. We have that power. If we’re consistent with our feedback, just like when parenting a petulant child, they’ll catch on. We’ll get good decisions out of these folks yet.

Here’s a tool to help you train your Congress:







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