Biden Rule Is Not Law

IBidenf every time a Representative or Senator took the floor and spouted something stupid this land would have thousands of asinine rules to follow that were never vetted. The “Biden Rule” Republicans are using as their justification for not holding hearings for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, is not the law of the land.

Yes, then Senator Joe Biden, said in 1992 that the Democrats should delay hearing any more nominations for the Supreme court during the remainder of President George H. W. Bush’s term. The timing of the statement made no sense. There wasn’t an opening on the bench. He could have stood there and said the President should be picked by three wise guys in New Jersey too, but that doesn’t make it law.

The Republicans are using Biden’s statements as justification for their refusal to hold hearings for any Supreme Court nomination until the presidential election is decided. First, be careful what you wish for and second, everyone in Congress should reread The Senate Code of Official Conduct, Rules of the House of Representatives and The Constitution of the United States. I couldn’t find the Biden Rule listed in any of them.

If Republicans are attempting to hold on to their base by using the seven year old strategy of anti anything Obama, Donald Trump’s rise has shown that it was a failed strategy. It also led to a fractured Republican base and a Congressional approval rating of 11%. Here’s a novel idea on how to win the people back – DO. YOUR. JOB. Instead of constantly getting into political pissing matches, try thinking of your constituents first for a change.






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