Presidental Candidates Are Social Media Personified

Trump SandersBernie Sanders and Donald Trump are direct representations of our social media interactions. One represents the you have to respect me crowd, the other represents the if you think that you must be retarded crowd. (From the oft used insult Libtard.)

Topics ranging from sports to politics to comic book heros, comment sections online routinely breakdown into name calling and insults to make points. Is it really surprising that the most energized presidential campaigns reflect our most uninhibited thoughts expressed in near anonymity online?

A country whose political dialog sounds like a comment section is a country in deep trouble. The incident in Chicago was the clash of Trump and Sanders ideologies moving from text to speech to reality. If either or both candidate fall short of keeping their followers peaceful they have proven their lack of leadership.

The distance that cyber space allows for these heated exchanges has narrowed. We’ve all witnessed the minor physical exchanges that are setting the stage for larger more violent acts. Instead of distancing themselves from this situation, these two candidates specifically need to reign in the movements they are leading. If you can’t lead those who are with you, there is no way you’ll be able to lead those who oppose you, which doesn’t bode well if either are elected president. There is going to be plenty of opposition no matter who wins.

This country doesn’t need a social media comments type government where emotional outbursts rule the day. If the populous is emotionally charged, the leaders need to channel that energy for constructive good not division for the sake of votes. We need well intentioned leaders willing to reach out to the “other side” not just in Congress but the citizenry too. We need leaders that recognize the need to work across the aisle. If the Republicans or Democrats win but the American people lose there is no victory.


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