“The Greatest Unifier You’ve Ever Seen” Misses Opportunity

This is a job interview. Each and every one of us is the interviewer and each candidate for the President of the United States is the interviewee. I’ve read the resumes of all the candidates and now I’m seeing how they stack up to their claims.

Donald Trump claims that he’ll be the greatest unifier ever. He has no history of unifying anything other than those he employs. You can get a lot accomplished by controlling a person’s purse strings. Can you unite people of opposing views without paying them off? Yesterday he failed miserably at an opportunity to do just that. He cancelled the rally because he knew his presence would have inflamed the raw emotions instead of soothing them.

Mr. Trump I’ve Read about Unifying Presidents and You’re no Unifier

If Trump was such a great unifier he would have spoke and instead of inciting a riot he would have won over the other side by including them. By showing a modicum of understanding and keeping on point – it’s about the jobs. ‘Hey guys let me tell what we’re going to do tonight. Let’s invite these Bernie guys in. I want them to know we’re all on the same page. We have different ideas about how to get there, but trust me, we all want the same result; people working and living productive lives. This is my dream for all Americans.’

Even with cancelling the rally he could have recovered today by trying to bring those that feel differently into the fold. Not a chance that would happen. Instead Donald Trump doubled down on his usual rhetoric. He went as far as to say anyone who holds an opposing view at one of his rallies should be arrested and “ruined for life”.

Jumping a barrier and rushing the stage is a chargeable offense, speaking one’s mind is not. The first amendment guarantees Donald Trump’s right to share his ideas just as it guarantees the other person’s right. A disruptor at a speech should be ushered out, he’s not a part of the show, but ruining them for life; that’s over the top. If disagreeing with a President Donald Trump is against the law then this nation will be unified – in jail.

Thanks for showing up to the interview Mr. Trump. I think I’ll keep looking.


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