Trump Rally – Show Some Respect

Trump ChicagoIt’s no secret I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. Though I like some of his bravado I feel he lacks substance and will divide the country not unite it. That aside, he is a popular, front running Republican candidate for President of the United States. The vetting process requires we repeatedly hear where each candidate stands on the issues. Only through this repetition does the real character of the candidate shine through. The process should not be blocked regardless of what the candidate has to say. If it’s unpopular with the electorate he or she will be out of the race soon enough.

Even though Donald Trump has been outspoken and provocative towards certain groups of people in his speeches, that does not excuse people for disrupting his rallies. Don’t like Trump, don’t go to his rallies. Not sure if you like Trump and go to one of his rallies and he upsets you, be quiet, no one is there to hear your thoughts.

No one is denying you the right to voice your opinions, just do it across the street or across town. Better yet, vote. Does anyone really think that coming to a Trump rally and being disrespectful towards him and his supporters is going to change their minds or earn respect in return. If anything it’s having the exact opposite effect.

Some are blaming Trump for the violent outbursts. He could have distanced himself from it by toning down his rhetoric previously, but he didn’t. Being politically correct isn’t his forte. What amazes me most isn’t his rhetoric, we’ve seen it in other candidates throughout our history, but that he didn’t have to drill too deep to hit a vein says more about us than him. Donald Trump can’t be held responsible for that.

The racial divide in this country has been steadily widening and it boils down to one thing, J-O-B-S. When everyone is prosperous tensions ease. People have a need to be gainfully employed and to feel pride from accomplishment. And though he’s missing the mark with me, everything he’s talking about is aimed towards creating or protecting jobs for Americans.

Who stops getting harassed when the economy is strong and everyone has their fill? All the scapegoats Donald Trump is harping on. Example, in the 1980’s when the economy was starting to boom again, we hardly batted an eye when Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. He’s a Republican hero. When everyone isn’t afraid for their livelihood they stop looking to blame others for their problems.

Finding the right answer to our economic problems is a process. The process is difficult but unless we hear all the ideas, we might miss a good one. Listen with a open mind. Don’t follow the example our politicians have shown us by automatically assuming the other guy is wrong because they are a Republican or Democrat. Before anything we’re all Americans. We’re teammates. The only way were getting out of this mess is together.

There are philosophical differences that conservatives and liberals will never agree. Guns and abortion come to mind. Don’t let those issues prevent us from listening to ideas on a myriad of other issues that aren’t so black or white. The best answers are often in the gray area where compromise lives. We’ll never find those answers unless we learn to show respect for the other person and allow opposing ideas without hating the person for having them. If we don’t give the other person the respect to voice opinions without getting upset then we shouldn’t have the expectation to have our ideas heard without the same disruptions.

Sing it with me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.






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