On This One Point Bernie Should Appeal To Republicans

american-flag-companies1Bernie Sanders is saying something in his campaign that I’ve been saying for years – Corporate Welfare needs to end.

The logic doesn’t follow that you can vote against giving individuals hundreds and then turn around a vote to give corporations BILLIONS. For every dollar spent on social welfare programs to benefit millions the US spends two dollars on corporation welfare to benefits thousands.

A common but misguided argument is that if the government doesn’t prop up the corporations we’ll loose our jobs. Partially right but mostly wrong. Inefficient companies would be replaced by efficient companies. Your job would still be around, it would be at another company. It’s called creative destruction – a term coined by Charles Koch, of the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries in his book “The Science of Success”.

Creative destruction is capitalism in its purest form. Old, weak companies fall like trees in the forest providing the room and nutrition for newer, stronger companies to take their place. What we have in the US right now is “Crony Capitalism” or as we like to call it when the Chinese prop up their companies “Communism”. That’s what you have when the state chooses the winners and losers. Crony capitalism is further left than any business plan Bernie Sanders is proposing. What the Republican base really thinks they’re fighting for is capitalism when in fact the crony part of the equation is frequently left out of discussions.

So why are Republicans fighting Bernie Sanders on this idea? They should be happy that he wants to get corporations off the welfare rolls. He’s left of many of my views so I won’t be voting for him, but if we start by ending the siphoning of public funds to the top of the pyramid scheme we currently have in the US, maybe, just maybe, we can rebuild the middle class and end some of the social welfare that everyone in the Republican party seems so worried about. When the middle class is strong, we all win.

The bottom line is the government shouldn’t be in the business of wealth redistribution, especially from the poor to the rich.

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