Kasich – It’s Not Too Late

KasichWatching the Republican Presidential Primaries has been a painful process and just like a bandage that is only half removed there’s still more pain to come. Donald, Ted, and Marco, or since penis references are all the rage in Republican conversation these days, Donald and the two Nuts, have been dominating the debate and camera time, each yelling and screaming like baboons at the zoo. Standing stage left avoiding the three monkeys throwing poo has been the barely noticed and stoic John Kasich, the only man on the stage with any record of accomplishment remaining in the Republican race.

Ohio re-elected him as governor with nearly 70% of the vote. Too bad his record, name recognition, and funding weren’t on par with the front runners at the beginning of the race. Things might look a little different now. Instead it looks like Kasich is going away if he looses Ohio and will hang around in hopes of a brokered convention if he wins. Not good news for the Republican party. It’s not impossible for him to win, but his position as the caboose had better change immediately.

Those voting in the Republican primaries need to start looking at the long view, a little more head in the game and a little less emotion. A Trump or Cruz candidacy for president almost ensures a Hillary victory (assuming her lead is secure).  The only Republican candidate that stacks up to her well is John Kasich. Kasich beats Clinton by an average of 7.4%. Cruz beats her by an average of 1.5% which is within the margin of error (read too close to call). Trump loses by an average of 3.4%. The only candidate that makes any sense for the Republican Party is John Kasich.

If Trump wins the nomination there are candidates for Congress that are already talking about distancing themselves from Trump for fear of losing their elections because of being politically related to him. Usually they try to ride the coattails of the presidential candidate to victory. Therefore, even if Trump wins the nomination and pulls off the upset victory in the presidential race he very well may be dealing with a Democrat majority in Congress. And you think the Republicans were obstructionist over the last eight years. It’ll be more of the same of what we already have but worse. A country divided.

Like the rest of America it took me a long time to realize that John Kasich was even really in the race. I’ve come to the conclusion the only person with the possibility of uniting this country at this time is John Kasich, a moderate Republican with a record of fiscal responsibility. Hillary Clinton divides the country. The bottom line is many in this country don’t trust her. Bernie Sanders divides the country. Though he seems to be a nice guy with good intentions, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Cruz divides the country. Too far right for Democrats and too evangelical for all but the evangelicals. Trump divides the country. He’s a bigot, period. Plus I believe he thinks he’s actually running for king of America.  Rubio has no chance.

More than anything this country needs to be united by a person of action. In 2016 that person is John Kasich. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, he agrees with me.



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