Islamic Counter-Terrorism Coalition

ICCThe Muslim faith and the rest of the world have a radical Islam problem. Brussels is just the latest iteration of a worldwide Daesh (ISIS) plot. Seventy-five terrorist acts have been committed in 20 countries since they declared their caliphate in June 2014. That doesn’t count the multitude of attacks committed by other jihad groups over the past 60 years. In the West we mostly hear about the attacks in Western cities. The largest number of attacks, perpetrated in the Middle East and Northern Africa, barely register in Western media. Continue reading

How To Train Your Congress

fingers in earsOur country failed over the last eight years largely because the partisan politics played in Washington D.C. completely lacked compromise. The ‘my way or the highway’ mentality that’s dominated Congress and the White House has stuck our country in neutral, politically and economically. When the Republicans won the majority in the House and Senate they must have figured they had a mandate to stop the President at all costs. Continue reading

Trump vs Clinton Likely

Trump vs ClintonIt’s not officially Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – yet. Don’t let the fact that there are 29 states left fool you. Primaries have been called with 1% reporting. The likelihood of the number two contenders pulling off a comeback victory is highly unlikely. Ted Cruz needs 74% of the remaining Republican Party delegates to win the nomination and Bernie Sanders needs 66% in the Democratic Party. Both have slightly more than 30% of the delegates to date. Continue reading