Obstructionism First Mentality Needs To Go


Democracy is all about a good debate. The best ideas come from a collaboration of smart individuals looking at a problem from multiple angles. Someone just shooting from the hip sometimes gets the right answer, but far more often the group out performs the individual.

The problem in United States is that debate never ends. Abortion has been debated and dragged through the courts for over 40 years after the Supreme Court made it’s decision, supposedly to make a final ruling on the matter. When do we get to let the decision stand and move on? The Second Amendment has been around for over 200 years; when does that debate end? We made a decision through our elected representatives and courts. That doesn’t mean because you didn’t win let’s keep debating until you do win. Let’s get to some answers and when the debate is over – for pity’s sake, shut up.

Not only does the debate never end, our Congress doesn’t debate in good faith any more. Republicans have taken obstructionism of debate to a new level in the last seven years. A matter of fact, obstructionism has become the Republican go to move. Democrats shouldn’t be smug after that last statement because during previous administrations the shoe was on the other foot. Neither party is innocent.

This is not US v. THEM; it’s US v US and we’re losing every time. These days obstructionism is used by Congress solely to discredit the other party. It gets us a government that accomplishes next to nothing and a Congress with an approval rating sinking toward single digits, yet incumbents get reelected at a high rate.

This has to be the most insecure group of leaders the world has even seen. Their sole purpose from the day they are elected is to get reelected. What is their main reelection tool? It certainly isn’t accomplishment. Their main tool is to make the other guy look bad. Tearing each other down is not how we achieve greatness. This is the recipe for losing, which is what we’re doing as country.

This permanent obstructionism in Congress combined with the talking head opinion programs on “News” stations is dividing this country to the brink of revolution and it’s in both parties. Two of the top three candidates running for President of the United States are calling for drastic change. Bernie Sanders from the liberal side and Donald Trump from the conservative side. The status quo of this do-nothing Congress is under fire from the voters.

This election isn’t just about the successor to President Obama. This election is about changing the way we do business. It doesn’t just happen by changing the person who sits in the Oval Office. It comes from changing those who are obstructing our countries potential to be great. The people we send to Washington, D.C. have to act in our best interest. By taking the position as our representative they have a fiduciary responsibility to their constituents. So when they obstruct in Congress for the sake of something that doesn’t affect their state or district they’re working for someone other than us and that’s when it’s time to elect someone who works for us. We have been rewarding bad behavior in Congress for far too long and it needs to stop.

Today we are two nations occupying the same space. Our leadership has taken us here. We need a new direction and it all starts with us voting. More than any time in our history we need to get rid of those who don’t perform their duties in good faith – for us. We don’t elect people to represent the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Corporations. We elect people to represent the people.

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