USA’s Biggest Test of 2016

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Anthonin Scalia has just ignited a powder keg under the stage of American politics. Death is always a sad occasion, especially for the family and friends of the deceased; the timing of Justice Scalia’s death couldn’t have created a sadder scenario for the USA.

If you thought President Obama was a lame duck before or that the primaries couldn’t be more of a circus, you are wrong. The biggest internal shit show the USA has seen since Watergate and the Iran hostage situation is about to begin.

debate President Obama could nominate Jesus Christ himself to replace Justice Scalia and it wouldn’t matter. The Republicans will stonewall whoever he nominates to delay the confirmation until hopefully one of their own is the President and they can nominate a conservative judge, keeping the 5-4 edge in their favor.

The primaries have now become about who each candidate would nominate and/or support for the empty seat. Exactly what this primary didn’t need was one more issue for the class clowns to argue over. I can hear the opening salvo now, “Trust me, whoever I nominate will be the best Supreme Court Justice that ever sat the bench. I can guarantee  that.”

What we need is a leadership that is looking out for the interest of the American people. That is not what we have. Every candidate is out for what they can get for themselves. The Republicans love Reagan, the Democrats love Bill Clinton. The truth of the matter is this country wouldn’t be in its current condition without the ground work laid by both parties recent heroes.  This country hasn’t had great leadership since before most of us were born. We’ve been a nation that hasn’t demanded greatness of our leadership or ourselves. We’ve been resting on our laurels since the end of World War Two.

This is a time when the USA, always front and center on the world stage, can show what it’s made of, that we have something to emulate, to strive for. Once again I’m afraid that our leaders and potential leaders will show that we are every bit as divided as we appear to be. Those who are so deeply divided can not lead themselves and should have no expectations that anyone would follow them. Not the people in this country or any other.

Washington needs to get its act together, which means we as voters need to make that happen. They are our representatives, not our masters. So whether we’re electing this group of self-aggrandizing pricks or we’re too apathetic to notice, We the People are ultimately at fault. This is our government and we have to say enough is enough.

This nation is at a crossroads where one party has become so splintered that it’s on the verge of going the way of the Whigs and the other party is peddling everything except personal responsibility. Both parties need to wake up and stop pandering to the loudest, farthest edges of their constituencies. The day is coming when the 90% in the middle is going to wake up and put you all out of business.

Until the new President is sworn in January 2017 our country has the chance to change course and show that we can have respectfully, meaningful debate – which is democracy. Instead, I can’t help but see our chance to shine through this tumultuous time will only be eclipsed by endless rounds of mudslinging that will last long into next presidency. <Sigh> Such wasted potential.


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