Political Role Models

The NFL has had it’s recent problem with domestic abuse. Singers have gone too far with explicit acts at award shows and in videos. Arguments have been made that celebrities who act out violently, sexually, or any other -ly should act better because, ‘They have a responsibility to be role models to the children’.

What about politicians? Do they have a responsibility to be role models for the citizens of the country they represent? When celebrities act out they represent themselves and/or their company. Their job is to attract attention, negative or positive, that turns into profits. Politicians are elected to represent what is best about us. They are the cream of the crop – idealistically speaking.

When a politician speaks falsehoods to pander to a base, they represent what is worst about us. When a politician panders they speak to our fears. There is no victory when we allow our fears to control us. Those who are fearful are controllable. If the only thing a politician does is tear down others and speak to our fears he is not good for this country. We need a shared vision.

political role model

The negative talk and bashing of opponents in political debates is ruining us. Instead of debating ideas we debate the merits of the person or the group. Name calling, ubiquitous in our debates on the political dais and in the comments sections online, does nothing to further our cause of becoming a better nation. A nation divided does not make a great nation.

The popularity of Congress is at 13% (varies with source). Congress isn’t alone in the blame game, we have to own up to our share, we elected them. These are the people we decided best represented us. If that’s the case, the show the politicians have been putting on for the past few decades says we are a bitter, petty, arrogant and ignorant nation. It’s disappointing. We’re better than this.

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