Misunderstood US Military Resolve Against ISIS

Tonight Lester Holt of the NBC Evening News stated that ISIS thinks the United States military lacks resolve. No statement could be further from the truth. It’s not the military that lacks resolve; it’s the politicians that give the orders.

Diplomacy is always the better alternative to war, until it isn’t. In the time line of ISIS’ rinse to power in Syria and Iraq it can be debated when the diplomacy/war line was crossed. It’s fair to say that as of the Paris attacks, the time for diplomacy has ended. ISIS is begging for the world to attack so they can realize their end of the world scenario. It’s time that we help this murderous Hale Bopp type cult meet their maker before they do any more damage.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” It’s true that we don’t walk as softly as we could sometimes. It’s also true that we carry a very big stick made up of the most disciplined, well trained, and lethal warriors the world has ever seen. What keeps ISIS in the news and not relegated to history is political oversight. ISIS shouldn’t confuse restraint with a lack of resolve.

Can of Whoopass


The day our government declares war against ISIS is T – 30 days to the end of this doomsday cult. Enough is enough.We could go it alone though it’s not necessary. France is in. Russia is in. Many others are in. Let’s meet like FDR, Churchill, and Stalin did in the Yalta conference of 1945 and agree on the how. Just like we didn’t agree ideologically then, we have our differences now. We all agree ISIS needs to go. The proxy war between Assad and the rebels can happen once we eliminate the biggest threat to the rest of the world.

Once we get rid of ISIS we can get back to walking softly and focus on the internal issues that are keeping American from reaching it’s potential.


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