Fear – The Oligarchy

John F. Kennedy said it best, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Barack Obama repeated it yesterday, “We do not succumb to fear…Our most powerful tool for fighting ISIL is to say we’re not afraid”.

Most would agree that not showing fear would be to continue on with our lives unabated. Let the terrorist witness us being free. To that end we are going about our business with relatively little disruption. We have to take our shoes off and subject our belongings to searches at airports which is hardly noticed anymore and we are thankful for the peace of mind it provides.

Where fear rears it’s ugly head is when we talk. Our actions say we’re free from fear; our words say we are not. Someone who isn’t fearful doesn’t make their point punctuated with hyperbole, accusations, and threats. When I read discussions online what I see in my mind is a dog backed into a corner snarling and barking, tail between it’s legs, urinating everywhere. That’s not fearless, that’s the epitome of fear.

Fearless people look beyond their biased beliefs for facts. The norm today is to get “facts” from opinion pieces that flood the airwaves and cyberspace claiming to be facts and then lie in wait in comment sections to ambush anyone who didn’t get the same message. The places these “facts” are received from have an agenda and that agenda is to keep you scared.

We’re taught in the media to fear Muslims, Christians, atheists, blacks, whites, police officers, gun owners, immigrants, men, women and the list goes on. We are told to fear so many groups that we are conditioned to fear everyone. We say we’re not prejudice; the truth be told, we’re as prejudice as we’ve ever been.

Scared people don’t make good decisions and are easy to manipulate. We are encouraged to fear everything, except the people we should really fear; the oligarchy that enslaves us all right in front of our eyes. The shills of the super rich maintain a narrative that keeps us fighting each other and they keep the threats coming from all angles.

The laws of our government haven’t been changed – yet – to say that we don’t have a voice. We need to stop letting fear conquer us. We need to stop finding enemies where we’re told they exist and fight those that are truly a threat to our way of life. We need to stop making enemies from without and fight the enemy from within. For that we need to be fearless in the face of imagined fears and only take on those who are driving the fear bus straight down our throats.




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