United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Podium01It only takes about two minutes of reading on any social site before I run into name calling.  Even my close friends that I consider intelligent resort to name calling at the drop of a hat, as if listening to a point of view different than their own might harm them physically. Even if they did have a point to make, it’s lost when the name calling starts.  It’s gotten so bad there are websites devoted to helping people come up new ways to insult people who hold different views. If Americans weren’t so serious about their hated for other Americans I might find some of the sophomoric comments funny. The hatred behind most of them is sincere.

The idea behind social media was to bring people together. It seems to have the opposite effect. We’re just as divided or more divided than we’ve ever been. Social media is not to blame, it is only a conduit of who we really are. The dividing lines aren’t hard to see; generally it’s Democrat vs Republican, rural vs urban, white vs black, rich vs poor, and religion vs religion vs non-religion.

We are never going to be a homogeneous people. Becoming the Borg is not our goal. It’s our differences that makes this country great. The debate of ideas is healthy and furthers the cause of making this country even better than it is. The problem is the debate never ends.

Once a decision is made by the government (at any level), instead of moving forward with the debated solution, the losing side thinks it’s time to debate the issue more until they’ve swayed enough people to their side. And most of this centers around politicians playing to a base in order to win the next election cycle.

Endless debate is tearing the country apart. In the case of the strategy with Daesh (ISIS) Congress has the power to vote independently of POTUS to declare war on Daesh. What are they doing instead? Congress continues the debate through the press with the American people, constantly campaigning for the next election cycle. They don’t want to go on any official record so when it goes badly they can blame POTUS and collect the victory.  In the meantime we’re all so distracted with their debating in the press to notice the only legislation passed is in their interest, not ours.

The biggest threat to this country isn’t Daesh. They can’t defeat our military, but they can keep the debate going with attacks here and there and then stand back to watch us defeat ourselves. As we’re doing things now, they stand a chance because we can’t make a decision and move forward – about them or any other internal problem.

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