Why I’m Thankful To Be American

In the pilot of the TV series The Newsroom Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, is asked to answer the question, ‘What makes American the greatest county?’ He goes off on a rant that says why American isn’t so great. If we are being perfectly honest, he’s right. Who is without faults?

Perfection is a process and an unobtainable goal worth striving for. It’s the process of self improvement that makes us great. To acknowledge greatness in ourselves is saying we have nothing left to improve. Ceasing forward motion leads to the fall. Continue reading

Fear – The Oligarchy

John F. Kennedy said it best, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Barack Obama repeated it yesterday, “We do not succumb to fear…Our most powerful tool for fighting ISIL is to say we’re not afraid”.

Most would agree that not showing fear would be to continue on with our lives unabated. Let the terrorist witness us being free. To that end we are going about our business with relatively little disruption. We have to take our shoes off and subject our belongings to searches at airports which is hardly noticed anymore and we are thankful for the peace of mind it provides.

Where fear rears it’s ugly head is when we talk. Our actions say we’re free from fear; our words say we are not. Someone who isn’t fearful doesn’t make their point punctuated with hyperbole, accusations, and threats. When I read discussions online what I see in my mind is a dog backed into a corner snarling and barking, tail between it’s legs, urinating everywhere. That’s not fearless, that’s the epitome of fear. Continue reading

Why I’m not a Democrat or a Republican

We the People

When I was younger and active duty in the US Navy it was self preservation that made me a Republican. Republicans love the military and like to spend money in that area. It meant good pay raises (relatively speaking) and a government that spoke in glowing terms about us. That was important after the way people felt about the military post Vietnam. Military spending sagged a little when Democrats were in charge, but really there was not much difference other than the rhetoric being thrown about Washington, D.C. The Democrats switched the focus from military spending to domestic programs. We liked being the stars. So Republicans it was. Continue reading

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Podium01It only takes about two minutes of reading on any social site before I run into name calling.  Even my close friends that I consider intelligent resort to name calling at the drop of a hat, as if listening to a point of view different than their own might harm them physically. Even if they did have a point to make, it’s lost when the name calling starts.  It’s gotten so bad there are websites devoted to helping people come up new ways to insult people who hold different views. If Americans weren’t so serious about their hated for other Americans I might find some of the sophomoric comments funny. The hatred behind most of them is sincere. Continue reading