Echo Chambers of Our Hearts

There is very little that I’ve written that is positive about the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. I’ve written nothing at all since he became president because there is enough in that echo chamber. I break my silence now to not to defend him but to hold a mirror to the failings of his critics, me among them.

We are all so quick to judge. The example from Japan this week was a photo of President Trump dumping his koi food out in an apparently impish manner. Given the formal nature of Japan, this is quickly sold to anyone who would read the comments beneath the photo as a slap in the face to Japanese culture.
Trump Koi Continue reading

Compassion and Vigilance

I’ve been so flabbergasted the past few weeks that I’ve found it hard to write without veering off onto some tangent tirade about how unfit I think number 45 is to fill the office of president. There’s enough of that going around so I decided not to add my two cents on that front (though I just did right there).

The immigration ban number 45 signed this week was extremely short-sighted. No one is arguing whether an immigration process needs to be in place. Vetting is already happening. If changes are in order, then they should at least be thought out and implemented with a plan. Changing the rules on the fly only leads to mass confusion. Continue reading

The balancing act

There’s a game my family had when I was a child that consisted of a board controlled by two knobs that tilted to navigate a marble through a maze to the end. Along the way were many pitfalls that ended the game before reaching the goal safely. Some call it the Marble Labyrinth Game, but whatever you call it, it is a game of skill that requires micro-movements coordinated between the left and right hands. Continue reading

Fly-over America will bear the brunt of Trump Presidency

Donald Trump rode into Washington on the backs of fly-over America and the rust belt promising jobs and a better day ahead. As he is making his Cabinet picks it is clear the only thing that matters to Trump is business. There’s nothing wrong with business, but its fiduciary duty is to its investors, not workers or a nation.

Unless you are heavily invested in American business ventures, which most are not, what is coming during the Trump presidency isn’t going to make you happy. Good paying manufacturing jobs are not going to suddenly start flooding back into the country. Tariffs won’t force it and lower tax rates won’t do it in the near term. Continue reading

Seeking the truth online

The advent of the internet has led to the rise of a million stars who have not been vetted by the traditional media powers. Anyone with a computer or a video camera can upload content to their heart’s desire (yours truly being one of them). The talented or persistent stick around while the others dabble for a minute and disappear again into obscurity.

With so many opinions floating around, the truth has become harder to find amongst the background noice. The rules for finding truth are the same whether the media outlet comes from big money, a bargain basement budget, or no budget at all. Money doesn’t make the news correct. Truth makes the story. How do you tell the difference between a good story and a bad story? Continue reading

5 reasons Trump may be good for America

The world waits with bated breath for the start of the Trump Presidency. If the transition period is any indication of the future then we’re in for some weird Presidential behavior over the next four years. So far President-elect Trump has shown the polish of a seasoned high school sophomore, but he does have some traits that may be good for America in the long run.  Continue reading

Carrier deal, good for a few, bad for the rest

For the 1,000 or so workers that keep their jobs the Carrier deal is a good thing and that’s something to be thankful for.  Keeping a manufacturing base within the US is also a matter of national defense. Our ability to shift rapidly manufacturing into war time mode was responsible for winning two World Wars. Bravo.

That being said, the way this deal was made isn’t good for America.

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